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He rotates the Starbucks cup in his hand “Maggie?” he asks, as on me his eyes land I nod and I smile, then I take my treat and turn to go and grab a seat but “I like your shirt,” he says with a grin That’s when my imagination takes me for a spin. […]

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As Ciaran stepped through the door, his surroundings changed. Behind him, where the door should have been, was an arch filled with darkness. This portal was old, probably even older than the portals scattered through the world leading to the mage cities. It was created with long lost magic and nobody knew how it exactly […]

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Rachel woke remembering the horror of Lisa’s dream. The feeling of unease she had experienced in her sleep was still with her. She padded over to check on Lisa who was standing at the sink looking out of the window. Lisa looked at Rachel and stroked her,” do you mind if I treat you as […]

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I stayed in the crampt cottage overnight and it has given me time to really think… lets see… hrm-hee I need to formulate a new plan so I can rebuild my home, restore what was mine, and lastly, live in peace and quiet. Unfortunately I can no longer give my trust to the human species. […]

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It-It-It-It’s my best friend. Nasty to some, nice to others. Soft, gentle, precious, kind, giving, forgiving… Always by my side. No one can hurt my dearest friend in the world. It has wide jowls, white teeth, black eyes, serrated claws, and a colossal frame. To make him angry will lead to you being bashed into […]

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Cress is a retell on our very own “Rapunzel” fairy tale. There are of course some differences in where she is trapped and what she ends up doing, however, her personality is pretty much like what we know from Rapunzel. Continue Reading…

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A light weekend reading review. Michael Uslan. The Shadow/Green Hornet: Dark Nights. Runnemede, NJ: Dynamite Entertainment, March 18th, 2014. 128 pp. 5 out of 5 Purchase: Amazon I discovered from reading comics on the Green Hornet that I like stories with historical references (of course the main character is fictional). I read the writer’s work on […]

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