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Curtains raised upon this stage lifted shadows one new day. Encores played familiar piece kindred players different key. Life’s gavotte a gleeful tune every third beat ends all too soon…

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Sylvie aspires to write a romance novel, but gives up after several tries because she knows nothing of romance. With the help of her best friend, she signs up for a popular dating site to find a man to seduce her and teach her about passion – certain this will help her write her book. […]

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It came down to this, finally, the fight of all fights, Godzilla against the King. . . . So begins the poem as published in DREAMS AND NIGHTMARES for May 2016 (cf. August 6, et al.), “Godzilla vs. King Kong.” Then, today, came another missive: Congratulations on having been nominated as a candidate for the […]

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Write Her Story Pieces of Love by Elaine Pascale “I am being torn in two,” he said sadly. “A part of me wants to move forward with you, wants to plan a wedding and a life, but the other part–” he stopped when he saw how much he was hurting her. She convinced him to stay. […]

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I had an intriguing idea for a short story. I am thinking of writing the origins and ultimate fate of one of my most infamous supervillains: Brick Baxter AKA Cyber Shadow. Among the things I will address will be how Brick Baxter became a sadistic bully and how he came back after the Young Guardians […]


Dream Weaver “As twilight fades into the realms of darkness,

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*Certain books are easier to review differently than in my usual format — this is one of them. Everyone knows the story of Little Red Riding Hood — over the river and through the woods to Grandmother’s house she goes…but what she discovers is much worse than simply her bedridden grandmother. The wolf has devoured the […]

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