J.D. Horn (Author)

I opened to page 1 and was immediately drawn into Mercy’s world…..again. The Source, for me, is like reading about most typical southern matriarchal families. You’re all stabbing each other in the back one day and the next everyone has done a 180°. I love that even though The Taylors are not by any means ordinary, they are a Southern Family after all is said and done.  I was drawn in and captivated by Mercy and her family and of course, Mother Jilo. I rode the ups and downs and ups again throughout the whole book. I’ll have to say I didn’t see the end coming…at all. I cried, got mad at J. D. Horn and made some (not much) peace with it. If you liked The Line then you are going to love The Source.

The Source (Witching Savannah, Book 2)