First there was The Lord of the Rings, and the Narnia books. Then there was Harry Potter. Now, there’s The Name of the Wind. This is a full-throated fantasy tale, with a quest, magic, shadowy evil figures that have secrets to protect, and even a dragon – though the dragon is vegetarian and prone to ingesting the resin from a certain tree that gets it high. At its heart, The Name of the Wind is a coming-of-age novel about Kvothe, an orphaned seeker looking for revenge and power. He’s a surprisingly complex character for a fantasy epic, and the epic itself is surprisingly multifaceted. If Rothfuss can keep up the quality through the next 2 books of what will be (at least) a trilogy, The Kingkiller Chronicle will stand with the handful of real classics of the fantasy genre. I for one will await book 2 with impatience.