I came across this book by accident, and it turned out to be one of the best books I’ve read in recent years. Having just read J. Suzanne Frank’s “Reflections in the Nile,” I came across a review of her book that commended Frank’s work as equally satisfying as Gabaldon’s. From that review, I decided to buy “Outlander” and quickly became absorbed in this well-crafted tale of history, romance, gallantry, and desire.

Despite its voluminous size, I read it every night well into the wee hours of the morning as if I could finish it in a day. I was enraptured by the vividly-drawn 18th century characters of Dougal, Collum, Captain Randall and of course…Jaime Frasier and Claire Beauchamp. The detailed intermingling of historical events, time-travel, adventure, and of timeless love blew me away. This book made me cry, hold my breath in suspense, laugh out loud, and share in the escapades of Jaime and Claire as if I were there myself. I felt their pain, triumph, and undying love, and wished I was Claire being comforted by Jaime’s strong embrace.

I was a bit depressed to come to the end of this book, but absolutely elated to find that it was simply the first of a six-part series. I promptly ordered the next three installments and found myself waiting impatiently for them to arrive. I guess I’m lucky that I stumbled onto this remarkable series late in the game…I don’t have to wait so long to read each successive novel. I will order the fifth installment when it’s released and will likely hold my breath waiting for the sixth. I can’t wait to see how the story of Claire and Jaime and their colorful supporting players unravels.

Diana Gabaldon is an extraordinary writer with a penchant for mixing history with romance. If J. Suzanne Frank whetted my appetite for historical romance adventures, Gabaldon certainly sealed my fate as a fan for life.