Every ninety years, 12 gods are reincarnated, living on earth for two years before dying and beginning the cycle again. They are brought back as beautiful pop/rock stars and enjoy the adoration of the masses, however along with those that love them there are plenty of people who hate and fear them and wish to destroy what they are. After a failed assassination attempt that sees Luci (AKA Lucifer) kill two gunmen, she is framed when someone kills the judge presiding over her case. It is up to fangirl and wannabe goddess, Laura, to help Luci and try to solve who set her up.

When I started this read I wasn’t overly sold on the story, I got a bit confused with the gods and mythology but as the book continued it really drew me in. The premise is interesting and even 5 issues in, the mythology is only lightly touched upon leaving plenty of back story that could be explored in future volumes.

The artwork is amazing, clean and using beautiful bold colouring in the panels, some of which remind me a little of Lichtenstein’s work. The book itself is about 180 pages but the story finishes at 144, the rest of it is more stunning artwork, a perfect end to the volume. I’m hoping that Volume 2 will be just as good.