In this installment of the Shade books, we get to see some ACTION!! It was intense, heart-pounding, and AWESOME! A few stellar points of book 13:

Some characters find an inner strength we KNEW they had, but were still trying to grasp.

Some old enemies become heroes, while some I just hated even MORE (didn’t know that was possible)!

Friendships form between the unlikeliest of characters.

We learn more about the beliefs and rituals of a specific species that made me cringe in horror, yet at the same time made me feel sympathy for them.

Favorite characters continue to battle inner demons that leave me white-knuckled with hope.

Certain dreams come true . . . literally and figuratively.

Reunions, battles, separations, you name it; this book has it in spades!!! Once again I am blown away by Bella’s ability to create a book that grips my imagination and makes me feel so many emotions just from reading written words. Book 14 can’t get here too soon!!!