It sounded like a whistle. Then, another.  Getting closer.  And then there was a little poof, followed by another poof. The second poof was closer than the first. From above her, she thought.  Not that Iricah could see it though. For Iricah couldn’t move. Not even her eyes.

The only thing Iricah’s wide eyes could do was stare at the monstrous form she knew as  Wrath. The beast filled the air around her, with form, with motion, with suffocating dread. Before her, was every foul fear she ever had. It was massing power, and pure hatred, a searing hate burning her flesh, her very soul.  The thing rose before her, confident, exuding triumph and rage. It radiated a fury that took away every thought she could ever hope to have.  Except for pure fear.

Source: A Crimson Shore 30.1 Areia Rides a Dragon (Finally) – A Light in the Darkness, D&D Campaign and Storyline