100 fathoms

100 Fathoms Below mostly takes place on a Los Angeles class submarine during the Cold War.  The night before the sub puts out to sea, a sailor visits a brothel and is bitten by a vampire.

The novel starts out a bit slow as the other sailors and officers try to figure out who’s smashing the interior lighting, and then why some of the crewmen have extreme light-sensitivity.  The investigative actions and thoughts are logical, but a little dull to read because you already know about the vampires.

Things picked up as the tide turned in favor of the vampires, with more and more of the sub’s interior in darkness, and fewer and fewer live, uninfected crewmen.  The sailors ultimately came up with an original vampire-killing strategy.  Describing it will be a spoiler, so skip the next paragraph if you’re thinking of reading the novel.  [The WordPress image-insert function is buggy tonight, so I can’t place my normal warning symbol]

Source: 100 Fathoms Below | Planetary Defense Command