The early year, low-budget horror movie is starting to become too trendy for its own good. Don’t get me wrong, this is a tried and true formula that has brought about a lot of financial success, so much so that we are seeing more and more of these films each year. Soon enough a major piece of the formula will no longer be applicable because there will be far too much competition in the form of a similar style movies. The Prodigy is another movie looking to capitalize off this formula and was released between two other movies looking to do the same thing, Escape Room and Happy Death Day 2U. Success is really a low bar for these types of movies. Generally one of three things will make the movie good enough and lead it to enough money to be deemed a success. Unfortunately, The Prodigy isn’t scary, good or fun and that made for an underwhelming experience.

Source: Film Review – The Prodigy (2019) | MovieBabble