As a book blogger, one tends to accumulate more books than one knows what to do with. You stop by bookstores or yard sales more often then you should. You hunt down ARCs of all the shiny new titles that haven’t even hit the shelves yet. If you’re really lucky, publishers sometimes surprise you with a book or two in the post. All of this adding and adding books to your collection ends up resulting in a backlog of titles you have every intention of reading, but struggle to find the time for.

Deciding what to read next from my many shelves of owned and unread books has been my plight since I started book blogging in earnest. But finally having read this book, I wanted to start this review by making it very, very clear right off:I waited way too long to finally get around to reading this book!

Source: Review | Kings of the Wyld by Nicholas Eames – Book Bastion