As the adaptation of one of Neil Gaiman’s greatest novels continues, the second book of this trilogy of graphic novels continues to explore the battle of Gods as they are brought to life and reel in Shadow into the middle of it all. This story centered around immigration and the clash of cultures is a ride to remember as it highlights some of the greatest issues that mankind has had to face over the years right in the heart of America. With a decent amount of cynism infused into this narrative and a protagonist who is as lost as the reader throughout this adventure, the story progresses towards the grand finale that is bound to be revealed in American Gods: The Moment of the Storm. However, how well does this second installment do in retaining the reader’s attention and building the anticipation? I got news for you. Only good things can come when Neil Gaiman is the maestro behind the orchestra.

Source: American Gods: My Ainsel by Neil Gaiman – Bookidote