This was a unique book and I’m happy I got the chance to read it. I haven’t been reading much horror lately but as soon as I saw a description for a haunted house I was ALL OVER THIS.

It begins with blood. Avery and her boyfriend are stabbed and it leads to two lives ending. Her boyfriend, Vince, has perished in the attack and Avery has developed agoraphobia. I mean, who wouldn’t after all of that?We forward nine years and she is still suffering from her trauma. Her father has recently died and left her a mansion, Whickering Place, and that is where our story takes us. To this beyond haunted abode that has claimed so many lives with demonry, vampiric bullshit, and assholes running around in cult masks.

Source: ARC Review: Whickering Place by London Clarke – if there’s a haunted house in it, i’ll read it