Patsy friend was lovesick, mourning the break up between her and Hans Muff. Her friends infatuation had started long ago, and now she lay around, getting sicker, like a lovesick puppy. But she was not the only one fascinated with this young man. Patsy had lusted after him for so long, ever since seeing the photograph she stole away. She convinced herself finding Hans was in the interest of her friend, but she knew this was only a ruse. She could not bear to go another day without her path crossing his. Deep in the middle of no where she finds the place he calls home, unaware of the truth behind closed doors. Patsy thinks she would stop at nothing to be with him, but when the truth is revealed will her obsession triumph over danger?

Source: Book review: Karen Ann Carpenter – Comfortable in Hell (@KACAuthor) – K.J’s Athenaeum