Intriguing and highly engrossing vampire tale…Unaware of something ominous hiding in the shadows, Agata Arturescu Vidraru leaves to assist a first-year heifer at night and wakes up in the morning wounded and defiled. To regain her honor, Agatha must find and behead the vampire who attacked her but before that she has to secure her children’s future. Some readers might find the medieval concept of “rape victims are automatically guilty of adultery” unpleasant, but Guizzetti skillfully balances it with Agatha’s highly resolute spirit. The themes of religious tyranny and sexism are woven effortlessly into the engrossing narrative, and the setting of the medieval period adds intrigue to the story. Guizzetti delivers a gripping, thoroughly enjoyable tale that plays a traditional Romanian vampire adventure against the intriguing early sixteenth-century setting of Moldavia.

Source: Honor among Vampires by Elizabeth Guizzetti – The Prairies Book Review