One of the most different book I’d read in my life, left completely open to interpretation.

The story went thus, Cassandra, a 7-year-old novelist had disappeared. One year later her niece and nephew were given the key to her home and told to read her last manuscript in order to get her wealth.

Then came the story as written in the manuscript, where Cassandra had been taken in by the faerie called PepperMan who sucked her blood when she was a child, continued even when she became pregnant at 14, and lived with her until the end. The PepperMan helped in the murder of her husband and her faerie daughter had a hand in the murder-suicide of her father and brother. Believe it as a story written by a novelist or think about the truth behind the story.

Source: Book Review – You Let Me In by Camilla Bruce @millacream @TransworldBooks #BookReview #BookBlogger #contemporary – Shalini’s Books & Reviews