This is the series that made me discover this author, and it was love at first sight. I fell in love with this series, and since then I reread it quite some times. The first time I have read it I was in high school and since then my tastes in books have changed, but I keep loving this series so much. We have amazing worldbuilding, a solid plot with intrigues, action, and so much in it, and we have characters that are real, and that would conquer your heart. And Phedre is such a unique and strong character, in the most unusual ways! I haven’t managed to write a review for this series, but I’ll leave you some good reviews, so you can check them out, because this series has a ton of interesting things going on, and it is one of the better representation of the reasons I love so much fantasy (and the short answer is: because it is such a complex and complete genre who address everything, literally).

Source: WE TREASURE YOU! #3 Jacqueline Carey