I love this genre combo and expected to love this book. Sadly I couldn’t get past 20% and that was a struggle.I found Caly obsessed with her morning drinks, and just plain weird. I mean, you have a recurring dream, you wake up one night and they guy – searingly hot and massive of course – is in your bedroom. What do you do – scream? Leap out of bed to grab something to defend yourself with? Rush for your phone? All of those? Caly? She just tells herself she must be dreaming and happily has sex with the guy. I was rolling my eyeballs there. I mean Blake is supposed to be a hero/gentleman, yet he’s happy to have sex with this unknown woman, who might be a threat to all he and his friends do, who has one of said friends waiting for him in the next room…..

Source: Calypso’s Heart, Orion’s Order Book 1, M.C. Solaris | Jeannie Zelos Book Reviews