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I thoroughly enjoyed this story! I honestly didn’t know what to expect when I was granted a copy to read from Netgalley a while back. It definitely took me by surprise and I found I couldn’t put the book down! Whilst I did come across a number of writing issues, I was able to look past them as the author knew how to pull you into the story with unexpected twists and surprising characters throughout Aardriyah’s journey across the realm. A journey filled with elemental magic, interesting characters, mythical beasts, and a secret dark curse that begins to unravel.

The characters were well told throughout, even without much of a backstory. Our main protagonist, Aardriyah or ‘Riyah’, is easy to read and understand, an unblessed teenager who has lived a life of bullying, shunned and treated like an unwanted outcast by those around her who themselves are blessed with the water magic of their realm. She can’t help but feel isolated, even around her blessed family who try their best to make her feel safe and wanted. She has traits of a fire blessed with her long red hair, but no powers to speak of. She’s easy to sympathise with to an extent, but it doesn’t help that she pushes others away, feeling like she isn’t worth their time …

Source: The Unblessed Child – a thousand lives, one lifetime