The Glass Queen (The Forest of Good and Evil Book 2) by [Gena Showalter]

I love what is done to the Cinderella story. My favorite part must be the unique “getting ready for the ball” scene. I will not explain why so that you can enjoy it for yourselves, but it is noteworthy. I felt like the novel is more of a direct retelling than The Evil Queen (book 1 in the series) is but still turns the tale on its ear and asks the reader to reimagine what you grew up with as a given. In Enchantia, fairytale characters are reborn every generation in new and different combinations. Oracles declare if a child is a reborn fairy tale but not which character they are in the story. All their lives, they find themselves guessing which character they are – hoping for the hero/heroine and fearing the antagonist. It is such a fun journey as the reality of who each character is in the fairy tale is revealed in the most unexpected ways.

Source: Book Review | The Glass Queen by Gena Showalter – Tessa Talks Books