The Ballad of Mrs. Molony (The Hat Book 3) by [C. S. Boyack]

Lizzie and the Hat are back in another high octane action-adventure! This time, the pair and their band have infiltrated the country-western music scene in search of a group of vampires who’ve captured a young woman to satisfy their thirst for blood.

The missing girl’s brother approaches Lizzie and the Hat asking for help because his sister is missing… there’s only one problem. He’s a vampire! To make matters worse; he has an uncontrollable lisp, pronouncing his name as Kuvun (Kevin). The Hat is ready to stake the poor guy because, well, you know, they kill vamps. But Lizzie is kindhearted. She wants to help save Kevin’s sister from the blood thirsty vamps…

Source: COLLEEN’S 2020 #BOOK #REVIEWS – “The Balad of Mrs. Molony,” BY AUTHOR, C. S. BOYACK, @VIRGILANTE | Word Craft ~ Prose & Poetry