The writing is wonderful and the story follows an amazing pace. You don’t get bored at all once you get started. Something important is always happening, or a secret is revealed, and that keeps you reading more and more chapters non-stop.

Slate, our male POV, is handsome (think Damon Salvatorre meets Kaz Brekker) and is morally grey. He has spent his whole life fighting and stealing; through foster homes and abusive guardians and afterwards into his adult life. He’s the last of his family as far he knows. After selling a Renoir (that he likely stole), he feels his life is finally what he deserves, then he receives a letter claiming to know his real name and family, inviting him back to his birth town, Brume. When he arrives, his life gets turned upside down, not only about his origins but he also steals a ring from a family crypt that gives him more than he bargained for …more

Source: Of Wicked Blood – She Reeds by the Sea