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The Epilogues: Part II

Nothing says romance like spending a long weekend at a haunted inn famed for sending its guests to the ER with scratches, bites, and fractures. Or so Linus thinks when he books a trip for Grier and himself to Oliphant House. As far as honeymoons go, the choice is nontraditional, but then, so is his bride.

Haunted history is one of Griers great loves, …more

Source: How to Survive an Undead Honeymoon by Hailey Edwards | Goodreads

Every southie in Boston knows that name. The son of a dead mobster. The heart throb with steel blue eyes. “The Fixer” who can make or break you in this city.

Oh, and my new husband.Sparrow RaynesThat’s me. No one seemed to remember my name up until he barged into my life.

But then he caged me.Kidnapped me.And killed every chance I had to runaway from the place …more

Source: Sparrow by L.J. Shen | Goodreads

Lush. Brutal. Beautiful. Visceral. Crystal Lake Publishing proudly presents Arterial Bloom, an artful juxtaposition of the magnificence and macabre that exist within mankind. Each tale in this collection is resplendent with beauty, teeth, and heart. Edited by the Bram Stoker Award-winning writer Mercedes M. Yardley, Arterial Bloom is a literary experience featuring sixteen stories from some of the most compelling dark authors writing today. With a foreword by HWA Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient Linda D. Addison, you are invited to step inside and let the grim flowers wind themselves comfortably around your bones…

Source: #PubDayPush Arterial Bloom edited by Mercedes M. Yardley #Horror @mercedesmy @crystallakepub | MiniMac Reviews


Hey guys! Hope you are all well. Today I am bringing you my March wrap up and I managed to read six books this week, which I think is good but I could have done better. I got off to a great start b…

Source: March Wrap Up – Divine World of Books

At the end of last year, I wrote a post about 20 Book I’m Looking Forward To in 2020, but after that, I did a Goodreads shelf cleanse (How To Declutter You GoodReads Shelf in 3 Easy Steps) in…

Source: Fantasy and Sci-Fi Books That I’m Actually Looking Forward To – sakhile whispers

A self-styled artist is getting away with murder in Death Valley. If all goes well, so will Nameless. In part two of the Nameless series, the relentless avenger is haunted by nightmares of the past and visions of whats to come.

Palmer Oxenwalds hunting ground is the Mojave wasteland. His victims are random tourists and hikers. His trophies are cherished photographs of the


Source: Photographing the Dead (Nameless #2) by Dean Koontz | Goodreads

Around the world, a deadly outbreak spreads.

The CDC and WHO race to stop it, but they soon learn that this pandemic hides a dark secret. It may be the start of a scientific experiment that could alter the human race forever–and reveal a shocking truth about our future.

Experience the groundbreaking novel that will change everything you think you know about pandemics–and …more

Source: Pandemic (The Extinction Files, #1) by A.G. Riddle | Goodreads

“The exciting end to The Poppy War trilogy, R. F. Kuang’s acclaimed, award-winning epic fantasy that combines the history of twentieth-century China with a gripping world of gods and monsters, to devastating, enthralling effect.

After saving her nation of Nikan from foreign invaders and battling the evil Empress Su Daji in a brutal civil war, Fang Runin was betrayed by allies and left for dead…

Source: Waiting on Wednesday 04/01/20 | The BiblioSanctum

On her throne, Persephone the Queen of the Underworld did decreethat the March Hare had brought joy to far too manyand it was time that this valiant hare should dieand should be now before March time did fly

So on this last day of March 2017as the Hare drank tea with a Heartly Queenthe Messenger of Death did drop Polonium-210into the hare’s teacup at the stroke of Big Ben…

Source: Reblog of The Death of The March Hare: A Poem | Dracul Van Helsing

Over forty. Divorced. Rocking a little revenge against the Ex. A dash of magic and things are suddenly looking up. Even if you do you have to cross your legs when you sneeze.

One day I’m married, living in Seattle, and magic isn’t real.

The next, I’m divorced and living in the guest room of my ex’s hotter-than-sin cousin’s place in Savannah . . . and talking to an …more

Source: Grave Magic Bounty (Forty Proof, #1) by Shannon Mayer | Goodreads

The sparks of unexpected passion ignite in this electrifying GhostWalker novel from #1 New York Times bestselling author Christine Feehan.

When Malichai Fortunes attacks a problem, he does it full force–a habit that earns the GhostWalker a painful injury and a forced vacation in San Diego, California. With nothing but physical therapy on the horizon, Malichai is starting …more

Source: Lethal Game (GhostWalkers, #16) by Christine Feehan | Goodreads

I listened to the audiobook of Shadow of the Fox last summer and I really enjoyed it! It is a travelling story, in a world filled with figures from Japanese mythology, where a group containing a samurai, a noble, a rogue, and a kitsune, a fox-spirit, seek to prevent a great evil from accessing a artifact of great power. After a huge cliffhanger the group has a new mission, one that is even higher stakes…

Source: Book Review: Soul of the Sword by Julie Kagawa – Infinity’s Bookshelf

Poison is a slightly darker, twisted version of the Snow White story, adding in a little adult content and ensuring things aren’t as clear-cut as the story we’re used to. I won’t do my usual synopsis style introduction here, because I’d be surprised if anyone doesn’t know the story of Snow White, but I will say some of the additions Pinborough has made here are really interesting.

Firsty, and this is similar to other Snow White retellings, we get more depth to the queen. Here, however, the whole story has more worldbuilding involved, creating a fantasy world rather than just having a generic fairy tale setting. This is a world where kingdoms are at war with one another, and we see the impact on the people left behind. We understand the queen’s marriage, we see the reasons she dislikes Snow, we, in general, feel more sympathy for her…

Source: Poison – Sarah Pinborough [Books] – Unwrapping Words

Theyve exterminated an entire bloodline, purging the world of the only creatures vampires dread. Or so they think.

Chloe used to study hard, do everything right to pave a bright future, but children sometimes have to pay for their parents sins, and Chloes tab is pretty steep.At twenty-six, when a series of attacks forces her to seek refuge in the notorious Institute of …more

Source: After Darkness Falls (After Darkness Falls, #1) by May Sage | Goodreads

Every woman goes through changes in their forties. Just not these changes.

Robin Brannon was a normal wife, mom, and antique shop owner until a brush with death turned her day-to-day life upside down. Now she and her two best friends are seeing things that belong in a fantasy novel. Ghosts. Visions. Omens of doom. Nothing that belongs in the peaceful mountain town they call …more

Source: Suddenly Psychic (Glimmer Lake, #1) by Elizabeth Hunter | Goodreads

Welcome to my first rough draft in several months and my first of 2020! I used to brainstorm and write rough drafts of all my stories here, but I stopped, worried those rough drafts would count tow…

Source: Demon — Rough Draft 1

Philip’s adventures as the Devil’s apprentice have changed him—in a good way. Although he misses his friends in Hell, he has made new friends in life.

But when the future of the underworld is threatened once again, Philip’s help is needed. Death’s Die has been stolen and immortality is spreading across the globe.

Philip throws himself into the search—and discovers a horrible truth about his own life along the way…

Source: The Die Of Death by Kenneth B. Andersen – Book Review – The Bookwormery

Mercenary Kate Daniels knows all too well that magic in post-Shift Atlanta is a dangerous business. But nothing shes faced could have prepared her for this

Kate and the former Beast Lord Curran Lennart are finally making their relationship official. But there are some steep obstacles standing in the way of their walk to the altar

Kates father, Roland, has kidnapped the …more

Source: Magic Binds (Kate Daniels, #9) by Ilona Andrews | Goodreads

A magical island. A dangerous task. A burning secret.

Linus Baker leads a quiet, solitary life. At forty, he lives in a tiny house with a devious cat and his old records. As a Case Worker at the Department in Charge Of Magical Youth, he spends his days overseeing the well-being of children in government-sanctioned orphanages…

Source: Book Review: The House in the Cerulean Sea by TJ Klune | Bookshelf Fantasies

Sixteen tales by bestselling and award-winning authors that explore the Black experience through fantasy, science fiction, and magic.Evoking Beyoncé’s Lemonade for a teen audience, these authors who are truly Octavia Butler’s heirs, have woven worlds to create a stunning narrative that centers Black women and gender nonconforming individuals. A Phoenix First Must Burn will take you on a journey from folktales retold to futuristic societies and everything in between. Filled with stories of love and betrayal, strength and resistance, this collection contains an array of complex and true-to-life characters in which you cannot help but see yourself reflected. Witches and scientists, sisters and lovers, priestesses and rebels: the heroines of A Phoenix First Must Burn shine brightly. You will never forget them…

Source: Book Review: A Phoenix First Must Burn Edited by Patrice Caldwell – My World of Books

She watches all with compassionate eyes Staying behind because of absolute love Keeping her from flying far away Into the heavens where she belonged Joining the rest of stars in the sky She collect…

Source: Absolute Love

A fierce gladiator queen must face off against her enemies in an epic battle in this next thrilling installment of New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Jennifer Esteps Crown of Shards seriesan action-packed adventure full of magic, murderous machinations, courtly intrigue, and pulse-pounding romance.

Queen Everleigh Blair of Bellona has survived the mass murder …more

Source: Crush the King (Crown of Shards, #3) by Jennifer Estep | Goodreads

Before he can return to New York from Miami, Special Agent A.X.L. Pendergast is called to investigate something very strange that has happened on the west coast of Florida. Dozens of human feet, identically clad in blue have washed up on beaches. All exhibit unmistakeable signs of violence. Beyond that, nothing is known about the feet, except that they are fresh and


Source: Crooked River (Pendergast, #19) by Douglas Preston | Goodreads