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The Ladies of Horror Picture-Prompt Writing Challenge! Conjur Wife Redux by Marge Simon I was a lowly accountant and she was a shy young thing. A head of unruly red curls, and a keen attention to anything I said. She stole my heart! How joyful I was when she agreed to marry me. Her pot roasts […]

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Three white faces draped in black hooded sweats loitered in the doorway of my once upon a time. I would have willingly let the bed bugs bite me in place of this haunted case of silently ambling, slowly arguing, black hole intruders. They blanketed me in a clear wrap of restriction, a heavy shawl of […]

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I always love a good wedding story or scene. After all, there is so much potential for things to go wrong! Wilks’ use of Cynna and Cullen’s wedding as a source of new beginnings and endings was a really sweet notion too. The explanation of some of the practices that we tend to take for granted (a white wedding gown for example) helped to show that, although some of the characters aren’t Christian, the rituals and meanings hold a place within our lives. Even for those many people who get married these days, there are aspects of this ritual that have a purpose and a place beyond the religious connotations.

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I ended up at a strip club called Sapphire. The girls were warm and the beer was cold which suited me just fine. I found a comfortable couch with a clear view of the pole dancers. The attentive waitress with most of her boobs spilling out kept the beers coming. I probably had at least […]

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like colours of star-dust, with pastels shade, devouring my deleterious thoughts or the beatific sparkle in petals of morning sunflower you paint me with the bottle of red wine the colours splashing on my skin on my waist till the moonlit drops on my lips, drinking the mystical sweet nectar cracking my nights to […]

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For thirty years the antenna on top of his house had been turned to the universe, listening for the smallest sign of intelligent life. The search was the only important thing in his life. His wife had left him when she realised she could not compete with the vastness of the unknown for his attention. […]

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So, here we are, at last. The source of all the decadent seductive vampire stereotypes. Or, is it? I happily found that some of those stereotypes were somewhat deconstructed in this book and it’s the only book I’ve reviewed so far to ask the important question: just why do vampires exist anyway? That’s the short […]

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Happy Sunday! It has been a good week for reading — YALC is just around the corner and I’m trying to get through as many books as possible before the 28th! Here’s this week’s Bookstagram posts. I was lucky enough to get a hardcover ARC of Gather the Daughters by Jennie Melamed. I absolutely devoured […]

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Travelling the long and lesser known roads the other day I came across a wayfarer, a vagabond out on a journey of his own; a journey that I have no knowledge of as yet and I didn’t even manage to catch his name but his character was evidently strong and captivating from a simple glance. […]

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Hey lovelies, I’m back with another part of this thriller ,haunted story.Hope you will like it. Fast Recap:- After taking permission from professor to allot her one day to complete the project .Samayra spend her half day with Nisha .After realizing that She was late for the home, She wait for the bus on the […]

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